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AD17 Spice Simulation - On Demand (English)



The Altium Designer Spice Simulation On Demand video series course will walk through the basic information needed to get started using Spice simulation in Altium Designer.  This is a “Hands On” training tool and you are encouraged to complete all the exercises. Completing the entire course typically requires 8 to 10 hours.
Who should attend

Moderately experienced Altium Designer users wanting to understand how to use Altium’s built in Spice simulation tool.  The setup and running of simulations are covered along with the various types of simulation available including Monte Carlo Analysis, Transient Analysis, AC/DC Sweeps, Fourier Analysis.  Also, the waveform viewer use and features are covered. 

  • Introduction 
    • A general overview of the course and how to follow the modules.  
  •  Using Spice in Altium Designer
    • Accessing the simulator, adding libraries and components, and updating Simulation Parameters.
  •  Netlists and Spice Models
    • Creating Spice netlists.  Adding Spice models to components for simulations.
  • Waveform Editor
    • Display and measuring signals.  Exporting analysis data.
  • Spice Analysis 
    • Setup and simulation of different analysis, including:
      • Operating Point Analysis, Transient Analysis
      • AC, DC, and Parametric Sweeps
      • Monte Carlo Analysis and Fourier Analysis
  •  Advanced Simulation Topics Including
    •  XSPICE digital modeling to build a Random Number Generator, and Analog Behavioral Modeling.
    • Access to a number of XSPICE models.
  • Additional Examples
    • Access to numerous Spice simulation examples.

You will have access to this course for 30 days from the date of purchase.