Altium Vault 3 QuickStart - On Demand (English)


This FREE course is intended to provide a quick start to the setup and basic use of the Altium Vault walking through the various elements needed to implement a vault.  Starting from installation and licensing of the vault on your local machine, then moving to the vault’s setup and the creation of folders, users/roles, and components. Adding project templates and managed projects are covered as well as updating projects and components.  The course modules should be viewed sequentially as they build upon prior module lessons and concepts.

Who should attend

First-time Vault users looking to gain a basic understanding of Altium Vault terminology and how to setup and configure a basic company vault. This is meant as a vehicle for starting the conversations within a company relative to developing a full implementation for your working vault setup.


  • Installation
    • In this module, we will download and run the executable for installing Altium Vault.
  • Licensing
    • In this module, we will illustrate how to Access and license, the locally installed Altium Vault using a web browser with the default administrator account.
  • Creating Users and Roles
    • In this module, we will cover adding users to the Vault and creating roles for assignment to the new users.
  • Creating Folders and Setting up Permissions
    • The Altium Vault allows for the creation and management of global permissions, in this module you will configure Folder permissions for collaborators, owners, specific roles, and specific users.
  • Revisioning and Lifecycles
    • Altium Vault stores items with both revision as well as lifecycle definitions.   In this module, we will walk through the setup of revisions and lifecycles.
  • Releasing Schematic Symbols and Footprints
    • In this module, we will walk through the process of releasing both a schematic symbol and the PCB footprints from a pcblib to our vault.
  • Creating and Releasing Components
    • In this module, we will use the Schematic and PCB library items in the vault to create a component. 
  • Working with Vault Components
    • In this module, we will learn more about components, exploring the component’s information using the various views from within the Vault, adding supplier information and how to search for components in the Vault.
  • Creating a Project Template
    • In this module, we will create a project template and release it to the vault. 
  • Releasing managed Projects
    • In this module, we will learn how to create and release a project into the vault using a project template.
  • Releasing New Component Revisions
    • In this module, we will learn how we update components in the vault once they have been released.
  • Updating Released Projects
    • In this module, we will update the project’s schematics with the new revision of the capacitor from the vault.