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PDN Analyzer Basics V1.1 - On-Demand (English)


This On-Demand Altium Designer video series course will explore Power Distribution Network (PDN) issues and walk through using Altium’s PDN Analyzer tool the setup, simulation, and fixing PDN issues on PC boards.
Who should attend

New and moderately experienced Altium Designer users wanting to understand how to use the PDN Analyzer tool to find and fix power distribution network issues. 

  • Introduction
    • Introducing Altium’s Power Distribution Network Analyzer tool. In this course, we will cover the basic power distribution issues encountered with PCBs.  In the following modules, we will cover installing/licensing, tool features and use of Altium’s PDN Analyzer tool.
  • Installing and Licensing
    • Installing and licensing Altium’s PDN Analyzer Tool is straightforward; in this module, we walk the student through it.
  • Altium’s PDN Analyzer Tool Feature Demonstration
    • Using the Spirit Level project we will explore the features of Altium’s PDN Analyzer tool.
  • Altium’s PDN Analyzer Example
    • In these modules, we will walk through the PDN Analyzer tool setup using a provided project and then run the analysis.  Using the results of the analysis, we will fix the PCB’s power distribution network and re-run the analysis to verify the fix.
      • Setting up PDN Analyzer using the PDNA_Basic Project.
      • Running PDN Analyzer on the PDNA_Basic Project.